Film Review: ‘The Great Beauty’ earns it’s title by looking beyond the superficial

This morning I logged on to speak about Ethics. I came across this article and it caught my eye. Why? Because someone asked in a recent conversation where do writers get their stories? How do they get their information? How do they research? Here is a story of a writer. How he deals with becoming irrelevant. ” The Great Beauty”.


Independent Ethos

thegreatbeauty_posterIf there’s one thing coming to all celebrities, it’s death. But what could be worse than that for the famous? Irrelevance.

Paolo Sorrentino’s new film, the Great Beauty, Italy’s entry for the foreign language Oscar competition, follows Jep Gambardella (Toni Servillo) a celebrity writer learning to come to terms with his own irrelevance, as he reaches his 65th birthday. It has been decades since he wrote his only book, the pretentiously titled “Human Apparatus.”  People still ask when he will follow it up. Meanwhile, he stays busy with celebrity interviews and parties.

Early in the film, a motley crew of party goers gathers to line dance, drink and laugh to pulsing electro beats and perky pop dance songs in celebration of Jep’s birthday. Lorena (Serena Grandi of Tinto Brass fame) bursts from a cake in the shape of the Coliseum with a number six on…

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  1. Thanks for noticing. Indeed it’s a bigger statement than one might think: a writer who wants to matter will be able to find the right story to put his or her words into.

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