Mark Wahlberg Is Back To Saving The World In ‘Lone Survivor’ [VIDEO]

Mark Wahlberg, I love this actor. Who is going to rush out and see this movie? Let’s meet back here to discuss this story.

The Urban Daily

Actor Mark Wahlberg is trying to fashion himself to be the millennials’ version of Chuck Norris. Well not really, but in his latest film “Lone Survivor,” Wahlberg is back to being the hero. In “Lone Survivor,” Mark Wahlberg is apart of a group of special forces Navy SEALS who are sent on a doomed mission to capture and/or kill the leader of the Taliban Ahmad Shah. The film is based on a book that was released in 2007 and the events in the book and film took place during the 2005 War in Afghanistan.


Will Mark Wahlberg and his crew of Navy SEALS complete their mission and make it out of Afghanistan alive? Find out when the film hits theaters on December 27.

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