PLUG-IN REVIEW: TrackX Now Adds Mocha Tracking Tools From Within FCPX

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February 17, 2014

by Jeff Riegel, editor

Last year, Imagineer Systems was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a Scientific and Technical Award for mocha and its ground breaking Planar tracking technology.  Coremelt, creator of the Lock & Load (my favorite) and SliceX plugins, has recently released TrackX using mocha… within FCPX.

Gone are the days of tedious rotoscoping — the task of painstakingly tracking or removing an object from/onto a video one single frame at a time.  FCPX editors can now effortlessly track text or graphics to follow background movement for cool title effects, or track and insert a new layer for screen replacements, like replacing a sign on the side of a moving bus or the screen of a computer.  Coremelt’s newly released TrackX uses the same powerful mocha tracking and interpolation engine by Imagineer Systems previously found as a plug-in for Adobe’s…

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The 2014 River City Festival of Films

Cinema Schminema

River City

If you’re in the area or feel up for a road trip check out the River City Festival of Films comin’ atcha March 1st!

Verite Cinema announces details for year three of the premiere film festival The River City Festival of Films. The festival gives local filmmakers a viable venue to screen their work to the community and be recognized for their efforts. Donations from the festival will be given to New Beginnings Sexual Assault Services, a local charity organization. All festival events are free and open to the public; however donations are accepted for the charity.

Year three marks a mile stone as we have three special guests joining our event. Peter Weller (Robocop, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Sons of Anarchy) will be our special celebrity guest. Peter Weller is an accomplished film and television actor/director/producer with over 74+ film credits to his name. The signature event of the…

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Do you need business partners?

•Do I need partners?
One rule that I’ve used is that if someone is critical to helping me achieve the goals that I have set for the company, offer them some form of equity. If not, make them an employee (possibly a highly paid employee), if justified.

Make sure you and your partner have the same goals. It is very important.

•Who’s going to do what?

While the partners will most likely wear multiple hats at the start, there should be a delineation of responsibilities with assigned roles that play to each individual’s strengths.

•How will we resolve conflicts?

Air them out.

I think that having agreements in writing lets everyone involved have a clear understanding of what is being proposed. Put signatures down and be willing to revisit the operating agreement as required.

•How will we dissolve the partnership?

Hope that it never gets to this point, but be prepared just in case.
While no one goes into a partnership with the intent of ending it prematurely, life events or a change in strategy may mean one or more partners want out.

Read more here in detail if you are seriously thinking about going into business. For the industry maybe you just want to contract people to assist with your production or work with a production team. This seems easier to me this way you deal with you and the main few partners you work with. Keep in mind its your business so be cautious and take your time with any deal or contract you commit to.

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