PLUG-IN REVIEW: TrackX Now Adds Mocha Tracking Tools From Within FCPX

thanks Jeff you always have good information.

'GLJ Media Group' Daily Blog

February 17, 2014

by Jeff Riegel, editor

Last year, Imagineer Systems was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a Scientific and Technical Award for mocha and its ground breaking Planar tracking technology.  Coremelt, creator of the Lock & Load (my favorite) and SliceX plugins, has recently released TrackX using mocha… within FCPX.

Gone are the days of tedious rotoscoping — the task of painstakingly tracking or removing an object from/onto a video one single frame at a time.  FCPX editors can now effortlessly track text or graphics to follow background movement for cool title effects, or track and insert a new layer for screen replacements, like replacing a sign on the side of a moving bus or the screen of a computer.  Coremelt’s newly released TrackX uses the same powerful mocha tracking and interpolation engine by Imagineer Systems previously found as a plug-in for Adobe’s…

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