The Maze Runner (Trailer #1) Review

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This to my great surprise looks really good! I remember some vague talk of this film but this looks really good, I won’t to see it now. As an example of my high opinion I bumped my already late ‘Lego Movie review’ to my Friday slot because I wanted this review out as close to its trailer release as possible. It feels an awful lot like Attack on Titan plus lord of the flies, and wow that is one nutty combo and I like it. The cloths, the walls, the colour scheme, they all link back to a live action version of Attack on Titan, the more I watch it the more I see it. As for lord of the flies it’s pretty obvious, the group of boys (teens), their rituals and the isolation from society. It’s a male oriented tween film as well which is something new to try…

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The Definitive Guide to Operating a Boom Mic Like a Pro

I guess there are more important jobs than just the producer ,editor, and director. 🙂 Everyone’s job is important as the next guy/girl in production.

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March 18, 2014

by Robert Hardy,

boom pole

Few jobs on set are as under-appreciated as the person (or people) operating the boom mic. Not only can it be physically strenuous over the course of a 14+ hour day, but operating a boom also takes a whole lot of technique and skill in order for production sound to be its very best. Luckily, the fine folks over at Videomaker have put together a video that demystifies the subtle art of operating a boom like a pro. Check it out.

This tutorial covers everything from how to set up, hold, and direct a boom pole to how to select the proper microphone for different acoustic environments. So sit back, put your learning hats on, and get ready for a crash course in boom operating:

The key takeaway from this video is that, just like the other technical aspects of…

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