TV is a Writer’s Medium

I agree


They say that Theater is an Actors’ medium; Film is the Directors’ medium and Television is the Writers’ medium

That’s what “they” say. They’re probably right. When we compare movies and/or discuss films, we tend to find a coherence in the vision of the Director, the most. Take in case, you know you are watching a Martin Scorsese film if it has techy cinematography, focus on characters’ redemption, sleek editing (thanks to Thelma Schoonmaker) and some ultra-violence shits. Throw a DeNiro or DiCaprio and bam…you got multiple Oscar nominated crime-drama, as expected from most of Marty’s work. Same with many film Directors who imprint their own trademarks on a film’s inner meaning and symbolism. Therefore a movie, generally in it’s opening credits is tipped as “A film by _________(Diro’s name)”.

If a movie is like a ship, then it’s captain is the Film Director

An actor predominantly is known for…

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Conclusion continues

Omg I did a brainstorming page for an ending. My mind went Berzerk too many ideas lol. Too many ways it can end . Now I understand why so many movies have more than one ending. This was suppose to be a simple task. I am exhausted my brain can not
focus on being simple tonight 😦

The conclusion

This week MicKira productions will focus on a conclusion to a great story.

What makes an ending successful? What makes the audience wanting more? What kind of ending do you prefer ? Dramatic? Ironic? Shocking? Simple?

Conclusion to a story

Mickira is working on the ending of a great script. So excited. Too many ending options. What is some great advice you can provide for a great ending? Choices choices choices


Hello everyone.

We have been busy putting together some scripts. It is a hard task within itself. Even harder keepin everyone motivated to see the final presentation. We are close but close is not finish. Mickraprod needs to get back on the grind.


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