Role Playing

Role playing.
Actors who really connect with their characters do they become more believable? Do you think the actor is capable of being like that character in the real world? Can some of these actors be affected by some roles played? For example how many of you believed, Leonardo who played Django can be racist? Many say he was so believable, he must be racist. Kerry mention how emotional she got when she played her role. She felt emotional during the beating and her rape scene. Could this affect her mentally?

I watched this video The Standford Experiment. It shows how when given a role and put in the environment how real things become.

“The Roles that people play can shape their behavior and attitudes.”


Ethics Today

Please keep in mind when we create we have to keep others in mind. How will they react to what we put on the screen or the internet. How will your creativity affect other people. Sometimes its hard because we do not know what will set an audience member off. For example death in the movie, someone could have experienced a recent death. I watched this in class pretty funny but crazy how far one person will go to get their creativity researched.

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