Fast and Furious how do you think they should produce it?,0,2728868.story?utm_campaign=linkbox_override&utm_source=wwwlatimes&utm_content=section#axzz2nP2e4LSu

Here is a nightmare for writers and producers. How do you stay ethical when you lose one of your main characters. So much in stake here economic and ethical choices. How do they decide what to do with Paul Walker? Do they try to fit the scenes in that he shot with a very memorable exit or do they just cut him out completely? Oh the decison Universal has to make. I am confidant they will make the best choice. Sad thing is they were depending  on this movie and have no other movie options to finish. Is this a lesson learned or something that film industry deal with it?,0,2728868.story?utm_campaign=linkbox_override&utm_source=wwwlatimes&utm_content=section#axzz2nP2e4LSu

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